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Life Is a Classroom A teacher's journey

Life Is a Classroom is an intimate look into the lives of teachers, students, family lives, and understanding that we are all connected. And while there are problems facing our educational system today, teachers alone can't solve them. Working together as a team—parents, extended families, teachers, school boards—we can make a difference. ​

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What they say

“The connections between teacher and student are invaluable and this story proves we are more similar than different. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will grow."

Jenny Laviolette, Nurse educator, MSNed, RN

“Life is a Classroom A Teacher’s Journey is heartbreaking and raw, yet hopeful. Angela Censoplano Holmes has crafted an important read for any educator grappling with a healthy personal life and providing enough support to students who need us.”

Deborah Costa Hernández, Ed.D.

“If you work with children, you will relate to—and be inspired by—the words in this book. It will remind you of the hilarious sayings of young ones and their authentic honesty. Above all, it will make you appreciate the beauties and struggles of life and notice how, often times, children are our best teachers.”

Ashley Trzcinski, 6th-grade teacher.

“Angela’s stories are a real window into teaching in urban communities. Given all of the challenges our students face, Angela shows that with love and support our students can thrive despite those challenges. Angela does a beautiful job weaving in stories of her life with those of her teaching career to show that although there may seem to be deep differences between people of different communities, we really are all the same inside. Angela tells stories of sad realities of the students she teaches, but how as a teacher one can make a difference and light the fire inside every child. Funny, charming stories of the universal lives of all students regardless of where they live.”

Katherine Melanese, Principal

About Me

Angela Censoplano Holmes

I have worked in a variety of roles as a teacher, including an elementary educator, biliteracy teacher, teacher educator, district instructional resource teacher, teacher coach, and supervisor of beginning and student teachers. As a teacher myself, I provide curriculum enhancement that allows all learners to access in linguistically, culturally diverse, marginalized schools. With that experience in general education, I have the perspective and understanding of the challenges that general education teachers face.

As a district resource teacher I provide training, consultation, and coaching to teachers in different areas of staff development, all aligned with the Common Core State Standards and academic literacy in the 21st century. I support policy changes for educational equity, giving students access, opportunities, and support to thrive in school and teachers the training, support and coaching to successfully carry out equity work at their school sites and in their classrooms, providing for students safe, caring, inclusive environments where their value is recognized. As a teacher educator I provide professional development to teachers, using research-based programs and strategies to enhance teachers’ abilities in the classroom. As an Induction support provider, I support, observe, and mentor beginning teachers. I am committed to both teacher and student growth and success in the classroom.

My leadership role in the California Reading and Literature Project (CRLP) has provided me the opportunity to raise the academic language and literacy levels of my own students, and to instruct teachers across the county to do the same. My role with CRLP is to provide professional development to San Diego County teachers with programs to enhance student literacy. Being a part of CRLP, I study the connection of research and classroom practice, which ties in current and past educational research from universities and institutions to the development of literacy programs for teachers. My most recent studies have been with educational equity, the California ELD standards, and the ELA/ELD Framework, supporting teachers of English Learners with strategies, pedagogy, and curriculum. With CRLP I actively participate in my own personal professional development, giving me another unique perspective on education.

Furthermore, I have received the recognition of 2015 San Diego County Office of Education Biliteracy Symposium honoree for promoting student biliteracy, as well as 2012 Greater San Diego Reading Association honoree for leadership and development of reading and language arts, which highlights my desire to bring significant contributions in these areas to National School District.

My philosophy on education is driven by a commitment to all students, their families, and to teachers. I believe that excellent teaching requires knowledge, skills, artistry, passion, and commitment, and we must engage and support all students, families, and teachers in their learning.

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